Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Clay Shirky imagines a world called Fork World, in his article Nomic World: By the players, for the players, where
the citizens were given the right to vote on how the world was run. In Fork World, however, the guiding principle would be "no coercion." Players would vote on rule changes, but instead of announcing winners and losers at the end of a vote, the world would simply be split in two with every vote.
He goes on to conclude:
This would fulfill the libertarian fantasy of no coercion on behalf of the group, because no one would ever be asked to assent to rules they hadn't voted for, but it would also be approximately no fun.
I don't think Fork World would end up with one player per world. Forking in the Open Source community doesn't happen either for the same reason - stake holders would be counting the costs before they put up a vote. Also, they are more mobile and would join multiple worlds, etc., keeping the populations nicely sized.


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