Thursday, June 03, 2004

Some Definitions

high or overbearing opinion of one’s worth or importance; desirous of prominence and power; arrogant, haughty, conceited, self-centered, vain and boastful.
open resistance to authority; insurrection and defiance; organized resistance to an established government; to be unmanageable, seditious and destructive.
to be deluded with what is false; to persist in mistaken beliefs; to delude, trick or purposely mislead others; to evade or mask truth; to cause others to believe something not true; to be sexually or otherwise unfaithful to.
conduct or speech inciting to rebellion; words or actions that make people rebel against the authority of the government; lawless agitation; treacherous, disloyal, dissident, inflammatory, rabble rousing.
betrayal of one’s nation; treachery toward one’s country or its’ ruler.
betrayal of a person or cause, an act of disloyalty; behavior not to be relied on, deceptive, not giving a firm support and serving.


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