Friday, July 09, 2004

Teemings - Extras - If "The Lord of the Rings" had been written by someone else ....: "This section of Teemings Extras features what has probably become the most popular thread ever on the Straight Dope Message Board. Fingolfin started a thread asking a simple question : what would 'The Lord of the Rings' sound like if it had been written by someone else. The thread started out slow, got bumped a few times, made Threadspotting, and then got slashdotted and all hell broke lose. We decided to feature it here for two reasons: firstly to take some of the load off of our brand new server. Secondly, and more importantly, some of the writings that people came up with were just brilliant. To be sure, it is a hit or miss proposition. Some pieces fell flat and some felt incomplete. But mostly it was a work of genius by the Teeming Millions and all of the newer people that just drove by to visit and contribute."


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