Friday, December 23, 2005

Coastal Post Online: "20 Amazing Facts About Voting In The United States
By Bob Rowe"

I wonder what Wikipedia has to say about this?


Anonymous said...


Was terribly impressed with your logical thinking and concept of the way things are in the natural sense; forget the high profile text to make it sound an intelligent argument, to say the least, to say it in black and white as some many of us do and inasmuch to have the guts to say it, we are not arse lickers at all, we are decent human beings that can see it for what it is. Even a high court judge will bend the rules for the sake of his own backside and get paid for it.

I liked the way you put your argument across and it is one to be respected, after all we all should have the right to express ourselves. No one can make you do anything you do not want to do or say.

My motto "death before honour" albeit at a price.


4:04 PM  

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