Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A great email from my wife:

Thanks for answering my emails. The Lord has strengthened my trust in Him, and I am now sure of what I am doing. This book that Al loaned me is chalk full of what is wrong with the world's way of diagnosing and why it is wrong, and for once goes all the way with how to deal with the problems we face. My calling as a mom is not to do whatever the world says I need to do for my kids, but to train them up in the knowledge and discipline of the Lord. And that is what my job as a homeschooler is also about. It includes teaching manners as well as history and math. I need to focus on training Justin in obedience from a cheerful heart first, and not stress so much over "school". Oh, we will do school too. But it will be done more efficiently now. I have hope.

I also feel stronger in my commitment to do what is best for Steve in spite of what he thinks. And in getting you on my side with the things I am sure of. And I praise God for so much grace which He has given in showing us truth.

I think the idea that we should not be paying attention to how other people eat is right, but in our own home we do have the responsibility to teach good manners. Therefore we do need to watch how we eat to be a good example, and watch how the boys eat to teach them the right way. I told Justin this morning to watch me so he could see how I put my spoon in my mouth without making so much noise, and he refused because you taught him not to watch other people eat. I would like you to be more explicit when you teach them. Anyway, I promised him a dollar if he could do it right for the rest of the meal, and he did. I just wanted to prove to him and me that he could. It sure changed his attitude. And I gave him his dollar. Don't mention this to him. I intend to give him a dollar every day this week for good manners at breakfast so that he will begin to make a habit of doing it right. Then I will work on lunch, and eventually dinner. Dave, I believe it is important that you and I also exercise good manners for the love of others and to be good examples to our kids.

Gotta go.

Love, Mimi


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