Monday, April 30, 2007

Over the weekend my wife and son and I went to the 2007 MassHOPE homeschooling convention in Worcester's DCU Center. On the main floor, where all everybody hawks their wares, I had an interesting encounter with an encyclopedia salesman who claimed that he created a fictitious "brain surgery" article in Wikipedia, I guess in order to demonstrate Wikipedia's vulnerability to error. I told him I would fix it immediately and got on wifi to do just that. But I was unable to find any obvious errors and couldn't get anything more out of him than angry looks. Is this a standard spiel among Britannica salesman? The conversation went like this:

Salesman: What's your favorite encyclopedia?

Me: Wikipedia!

Salesman: You know the "brain surgery" article? I put a completely fictitious article up there myself! Yes, I did it myself!

Me: I will fix it immediately...




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