Saturday, December 01, 2007

I had a dream that went like this: We (my wife and kids and I) were sitting in someone's living room. Except there was no furniture and the plaster walls were crumbling and it was unevenly lit by candles and flashlights. But you could see that the walls were white and there were no unlit corners.

The room was shaped like an "L" and there were small groups of 1-5 people each, sitting on various mats and towels. I knew it to be a religious gathering as there were a few other members of my church sitting to my left and there was an expectation that we were going to start worship.

But we were uncomfortable with this Quaker-style gathering and talked nervously among ourselves. I knew the pastor didn't think highly of these undirected affairs but he wasn't there.

I was sitting right at the corner of the elbow and noticed to my right this West Asian family - A father, mother, and a few children. One of the teenage sons started singing this unfamiliar devotional song. His whole family joined in (his mother sung it in her native tongue) and we were able to hum along.

An attitude of worship filled the room. To my left, a woman from our church was discussing it with my wife, when the father stood up to give a homily. (As he wasn't able to see that the women were still talking I had to motion to them to silence.)

This little sermon came in a voice heavily accented and out of lips of an unfamiliar color, but from it I came to know a few things: that we were being persecuted for our faith and that this little family had more experience in that department than all of us put together.

And our smug superiority just left us as we recognized the true spiritual leadership among us, (though I doubt this would've happened if the pastor or any of the elders were there.)



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